CHARACTER COUNTS! Curriculum Theory

The Four Wheels of Success

CHARACTER COUNTS! is an overarching framework designed to work in conjunction with rather than supplant other academic support, pro-school climate, anti-bullying and behavior modification programs including PBIS. Properly implemented, CHARACTER COUNTS! is braided with other programs to produce meaningful, measurable and sustainable outcomes in four domains. Click on the wheel for more information. 



CHARACTER COUNTS! 6.0 incorporates the newest research-based state of the art strategies for positive climate change and introduces new tools and techniques designed to infuse core values and skills into the DNA of your school or organization: Six Pillars of Character (Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship) and 21st century school and career Success Skills (Learning, Self-Discipline, Positivity, Perseverance, Resilience and Diligence).


To measure impact and identify best practices, CHARACTER COUNTS! administers pre and post school climate, beliefs and behavior surveys to students, teachers and parents. In addition to providing information to measure success, these surveys engage all segments of the school community and win their support;  they allow each school to assess concerns and determine school-specific objectives.


1. Certificated Training – 3-day certification training on how to effectively implement CC! based on the Four Wheels of Success focusing on strengthening a positive school climate and building academic, social, emotional and character skills and traits.

2. Baseline Assessments – Online survey to establish a baseline of attitudes and behaviors to allow measurement of impact and to determine values, concerns and priorities of students, teachers and parents and opinions on the current culture of school, level of parent engagement and student performance. (These assessments are included in basic training programs but may be purchased separately).

3. Integrated Curricula Resources – Schools implementing CC! have a choice of employing a wide range of print and media resources that permit teachers to seamlessly integrate values and skill-building strategies including the Way to Go journal, Today Counts! lesson plans, the CC! Agenda/Planner, the Good Ideas Book (more than 100 value-focused lesson plans and a variety of Music and Videoresources).

4. Awareness Support Materials and Products – CC! provides a substantial variety of  engaging, high impact awareness support materials including Customized Banners, Posters, Street Signs, and Student Incentives.

5. Professional Development and Parent Workshops –  CC! supplements its fully integrated program with on-site professional development and parent workshops on issues such as bullying, program integration, classroom management and student discipline.

6. Pursuing Victory With Honor Sports Program –  Schools with active sports programs may avail themselves of the Pursuing Victory With Honor training, a comprehensive program emphasizing use of the sports platform to instill the 12 core values and skills.

7. Classroom and School-wide Activities – CC! provides schools with guidance and technical assistance to integrate impactfulClassroom and School-Wide Activities to increase engagement, develop 21st century skills and use experiential learning to infuse the 12 core values and skills. These include School Launch Activities, Recognition Assemblies, and School Improvement Projects.

8. Impact Assessments – At the end of each semester, CC! administers surveys to students, teachers and parents to determine the impact of the program on attitudes and behavior.