CC! Week: Wrap the town red!

CC! Week in Friendswood, TexasAre you ready for the celebration of a lifetime?  We eagerly await the third week of October in Friendswood, Texas, because it offers us a chance to cheer for character and renew our commitment to a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. 

On Saturday, October 16, 2010, before the week even starts, families from all of the schools in Friendswood Independent School District will join the community at Stevenson Park in the middle of town for our annual Wrap the Town Red gathering. The band will play, the cheerleaders will cheer, and the choirs will sing. Then the Superintendent of Schools, the City Council, and the Mayor will officially kick off our celebration and send students and their families out into the community to tie red ribbons all over as a symbol of our promise to show good character by being drug free.

 This year’s theme at Westwood Elementary is Being Drug Free is My Responsibility.  "Being Drug-free" ButtonWe have a red smiley-face button  for everyone in our school family as well as for our visitors and volunteers that week. Our celebration will include a special musical assembly to sing and dance along with the group Primary Focus as they encourage our little learners to “Start Dreamin’!,” a mid-week pep rally led by our Hometown Heroes from Friendswood High School, a school-wide walk to show that Character Keeps Us On Track, and A GRAND Celebration to honor some very special character role models, our third-graders’ grandparents. Throughout the week, we’ll dress in pillar colors to complement our character theme of the day. We can’t wait to see what develops when character is in the spotlight; here’s to a ‘trrfcc’ week!

Hey, that horse has hands!What are you doing for CC! Week? Leave a comment below and send pictures to

Barbara Gruener is a school counselor at Westwood Elementary in Friendswood, TX, a winner of the 2009 CEP National School of Character Award.


* If you’re looking for ideas for your own CC! Week, here’s the calendar from Friendswood:

Saturday, October 16: Wrap the Town Red – Stevenson Park @ 9:00 a.m.

Monday, October 18: Drug Free Is My Responsibility!
Wear RED and get your smiley-face button to wear all week to show your drug-free promise.

Tuesday, October 19: Character Keeps Us On Track!
Wear your very best walking shoes for our school-wide walk during specials when we’ll make footprints worth following.

Wednesday, October 20: Drug Free Is Our Goal!
Wear your favorite team’s jersey and get ready for a Warbles Pep Rally led by our Friendswood High School Hometown Heroes.

Thursday, October 21: Character Kids Give Drugs The Boot!
Wear your cowboy clothes (and boots if you have a pair) so we can kick drugs to the curb. 

Friday, October 22: Color The World With Character!
Wear your favorite pillar color (or all of them!). Third graders will host their GRAND celebration to honor some very special role models in their lives, their grandparents.

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  1. We’re creating a home-to-school connection with our families by asking them to write and/or illustrate ways in which their children Color The World With Character for Pillar Friday. We plan to use these in morning meetings and then post them on bulletin boards. Click here for the template.

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