TV movie highlights bullying issue

Field of Vision on NBC at 8/7c, Saturday, June 11

What happens when the star quarterback finds out his teammates are bullying the new kid? Watch Field of Vision this Saturday to find out. The latest made-for-TV family movie from Procter & Gamble and Walmart’s Family Movie Night, Field of Vision, addresses bullying in schools and standing up for what’s right. Faith Ford, Tony Oller, and Joe Adler star.

The producers of Family Movie Night reported that according to a recent survey, nearly three-quarters (74%) of Americans consider bullying harassment a serious problem in their local public schools, and more than 45 percent of students admitted to having been bullied, teased, or taunted at school, as noted by a Josephson Institute of Ethics survey (that’s us!).

Watch the trailer:

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Update, 6/14: The DVD will be available at Walmart on 8/30/2011. Here’s the link.

7 thoughts on “TV movie highlights bullying issue”

  1. What a GREAT family movie that teaches an important lesson to our children. It was entertaining and valuable our family to watch. A MUST SEE!!!

  2. Will this be re-broadcast? Unfortunately, I missed it over the weekend. I would really like share it with my sons and their friends.

  3. Not sure if it will be re-broadcast, but the movie will be available at Walmart on 8/30/2011. Here’s the link.

  4. I also missed the TV night and
    would like to purchase a copy
    to possible show our student
    body this fall. Please send me
    information of how to acquire it.
    Respectfully, Earl Trachsel

  5. Unfortunately I missed the movie on Saturday. Is this movie going to show again or will at DVD of it be sold at Walmart eventually?

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