Teaching kids to open their hearts: Part One

The documentary Children Full of Life tells the story of Toshiro Kanamori’s 4th grade class in Kanazawa, Japan. Mr. Kanamori teaches his students how to care for one another by having them write letters to their classmates and read them aloud. In sharing their feelings and experiences with their peers, and in listening, the children learn to care for one another.

Wise Mr. Kanamori says, “Empathy is the greatest thing. There’s an expression I love: ‘Let people live in your heart.’ There’s no limit on numbers. They tell the stories, and everyone shares their feelings. When people really listen, they live in your heart forever.”

Watch Part One:

One thought on “Teaching kids to open their hearts: Part One”

  1. I think Mr. Kanamori is a truly enlightened being. Somehow he gets these kids to realize that they are all deeply connected to each other, and you don’t get the feeling they’ll ever forget that.

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