Teacher Appreciation Week: How did you celebrate?

Teacher Appreciation Week was May 7 – 11, but we think teacher appreciation is something that should happen all year long.

Thankfully, there are plenty of other people who think so too! Here are some of our favorite teacher appreciation initiatives that keep the warm glow going.

My Amazing Teacher is a collection of videos by all kinds of people — famous and otherwise — sharing stories about what they appreciated about their favorite teachers. It’s an initiative of the National Education Association and Parenting magazine. Video collection is ongoing, and anyone can upload one.

Classroom Superheroes is a place for communities to gather round the teachers and school staff they appreciate. Write in about YOUR superheroes, and make sure they get the recognition they deserve!

Notable People Thank Their Most Influential Teachers For a quick shot of inspiration, check out this list of of notable people reminiscing about the teachers from their youth who had the most influence on the adults they became.

We’ve featured the StoryCorps Teachers Initiative before (For the previous blog post, see here.), but they’re still doing great stuff, so here’s their latest. In these two interviews, teachers and students talk about they got to know each other, and the impact they’ve had on each other’s lives.