Kindness to the Rescue

  As darkness descended upon us, we made a last-minute decision on the Fourth to take in the Sounds of Freedom Fireworks Extravaganza. So we threw our chairs into the back of the truck and headed down the road to the celebration. We parked and walked a few blocks to a prime spot on a hill […]

For both rich kids and poor kids: “What if the secret to success is failure?”

Dominic Randolph heads an elite private school that serves privileged children of high-achieving parents, while David Levin is superintendent of New York’s KIPP charter schools, where the students are poor and parents generally have little education. But both principals believe that character is essential to their pupils’ future success, and have collaborated to implement comprehensive character education programs.

Who are the bullies?

There are many myths about bullies. For one, they don’t appear spontaneously. Individual, family, and school factors all combine to produce them. Another myth is that they are loners. In fact, most bullies are not socially isolated and report having an easier time making friends than non-bullies. Their social network is often their key source […]

Showing kids the way

We can combat bullying by coming down hard on the bullies, but we also need to prevent kids from becoming bullies in the first place. In a recent New York Times Opinionator column, David Bornstein writes about Roots of Empathy, a Canadian program that helps children grow their empathy.