Rustling the cyberbullies

One problem with cyberbullying is that it most often occurs while students are not at school. Administrators and teachers are unsure how much control they can exert over students’ cell phones and computers. How can you increase the safety of your students?

The empathy deficit

At the annual meeting for the Association for Psychological Science last month, researchers from the University of Michigan presented their findings that college students today are less empathetic than college students 30 years ago. The steepest decline in empathy occurred in the last nine years.
Why might people be less empathetic than they used to be?

International Museum Day

May 18 is International Museum Day, and this year’s theme is social harmony. We found a super set of resources for teachers on the Museum of Tolerance website. These activities and lessons are divided into two booklets – one for elementary grades and one for middle/high-school grades.