Study Documents Frequent Bullying of Children With Autism

A recent article in Education Week sheds some light on our nation’s bullying epidemic as it relates to children with autism. The article focuses on a survey of 1,221 families with children who have autism, which found that 38 percent of those children had been bullied in the last month, and 28 percent were frequently bullied. Of those victims, 70 percent said they had suffered emotional trauma as a result of the bullying.

Interestingly, the study also found that 9 percent of children were perpetrators of bullying. The Interactive Autism Network conducted the study, which focused mainly on elementary and middle school children. Paul Law, the director of the Interactive Autism Network, told Ed Week, “If there’s bullying, it really needs to be a top priority.” Teachers are the solution to the problem as much as anybody is.”

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3 thoughts on “Study Documents Frequent Bullying of Children With Autism”

  1. I thought of the bullying issue when I watched the commercial during Super Bowl of the attractive woman kissing the nerdy looking guy and then have listened to all the comments on radio talk shows. Exactly makes my point. Why the attraction to people making fun of others at their expense? Mixed up world and if I could even remember the sponsor of the ad I would try to contact them but I have to focus on the wonderful one about the farmers (by Dodge) and the Clysdale (by Bud) and the Audi…..

  2. Please use person first language. Especially from an organization that promotes character education. Your headline: These are people (children)first and happen to have autism. Most importantly individuals. Look up the research on that.

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