Student’s Blog Leads to Better School Meals Around the World

It’s said an image is worth a thousand words. But, in the age of social media, certain images of unappealing school meals can be worth millions of page views and a chance to make a difference.

For nine-year-old UK student Martha Payne, a simple writing project in which she blogged about the highly unappetizing state of her school meals complete with photo evidence garnered more than 6 million page views.

Payne’s school eventually demanded she take her blog (NeverSeconds) down, but after overwhelming public criticism, they were forced to back down and the blog is still online. As the popularity of Payne’s blog has grown, she’s encouraged readers to donate to Mary’s Meals, a charity that builds kitchens for schools in Africa. Her original goal was to raise  £7,000, and she’s now raised more than £100,000.

Payne has also noted in her blog that the condition of her school’s food has steadily improved since she first began posting the photos. Just goes to show what a little constructive criticism can do.

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  1. This is great! Please; people we all have voices use them! The young get it, what about all the adults?

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