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Charles Murray’s article (discussed in this month’s Teacher’s Lounge) argues that the value of the B.A. has diminished and that college is too intellectually demanding for most young people. What do you think?

Are Too Many People Going to College?

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In September we asked if paying students was a good way to change their behavior and learning.

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Yes   “I think its’s a good idea to give them about 5 or 10 dollars a week so they can have some enthusiasm about learning and also teach them the responsibility of working for you money when they reach the working age.”

“It shows students that we work for pay!”

No   The ultimate goal for getting an education is to be employable and self-sufficient. If going to college wouldn’t make people more employable, not as many people would go. Most people, unfortunately, don’t go to school to gain knowledge.”

“Obtaining an education is a privilege that should be reward enough for any child, and when we start rewarding students—paying them to learn instead of teaching them that knowledge is reward enough sends the wrong message.”