Curriculum Integration & Classroom Management Workshop

This workshop will help you weave character education into your state standards-aligned curriculum. It will also help you bring good character to life in your classroom and throughout the school. Learn here about all the in-service workshops we offer or attend a Character Student Development Workshop (SDW) and learn to create and sustain a school-wide character development program.

Topics can be customized but typically include:


  • Identifying teachable moments and creating opportunities to reinforce basic values like respect, honesty and fairness.
  • Integrating character into the curriculum of English, History, Art, Social Studies, Math and Science.


Duration: 4-8 hours
Language: Available in both English and Spanish
Materials: Handouts for all participants
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Build your path to improvement with CHARACTER COUNTS!

Choose your workshop date and topic and we’ll assign you to one of our nearby trainers who will work with you to tailor your upcoming workshop to fit your exact needs.

Call us at 310-846-4800 to get started or reserve your space!

Prices start at $2,500 for up to 40 participants. A call with your trainer will be scheduled prior to you training to discuss your goals/needs and tailor your upcoming workshop accordingly.

Available Resources


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