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Character Development Seminars

Learn the latest strategies for today’s issues.

After decades of changing the lives of millions of students, CHARACTER COUNTS! has developed a comprehensive new approach to student development by taking a cross-curricular look at how to better impact life choices. The result is an integrated, values-based system that provides measurable improvement in behavior and decision-making. Our program covers all three domains of student development through our Model Standards.

  • Academic – instilling educational values, beliefs, and attitudes; developing learning-related character traits and cognitive skills.
  • Social/Emotional – instilling self-awareness and self-management skills, interpersonal skills, and positive life skills and character traits.
  • Character – instilling or strengthening core ethical values and moral character traits.

Participants will learn techniques for integrating values into their existing curriculum along with research-based strategies for interactions and instruction time with students. No other system takes such a holistic approach to student development.

We help you identify and create teachable moments that will affect the way students see their place in the world. We provide the training, evaluation, support and coaching along with the resources to create the most complete package of its kind. We teach the best strategies and practices for:

  • Character Development
  • Common Core
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Whole Child Development
  • Research-Based Instruction
  • 21st Century Outcomes
  • Anti-bullying

On-site evaluation, mentoring, and webinars are available on specific implementation topics. Call for a free consultation at 800-711-2670.

Learn how to change your school’s culture.

We highly recommend sending a team of three or more individuals to one of our Character Development Seminars (CDS). The ideal team consists of one or more educators, counselors and at least one administrative staff member. Discounted packages are available for groups. Our three-day training is designed to jump-start your implementation efforts and provide the tools to succeed. Your instructor will provide hands-on assistance in a small class atmosphere of 40 or fewer participants.

For larger teams and/or more comprehensive staff training, please see our customized in-service trainings.

Call us at 800-711-2670 to discuss your needs or submit a request.

Attend an open seminar or schedule a personalized training.

Pricing starts at $825 per person with group rates available starting at 3 or more registrants including group packages. See our upcoming schedule for current available dates. If you are planning on having 10 or more individuals attend – you’ll find that a customized in-service training will provide both a better value and can be tailored to your specific needs. One of our expert instructors will work with you to prior to your training date to tailor your upcoming event.

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