Senate Unanimously Passes CC! Week Resolution

On September 19, the United States Senate unanimously passed a resolution declaring Oct. 21-27, 2012 to be “National Character Counts Week.” Senate Resolution #569 was drafted and submitted by Iowa Senator Charles Grassley and focuses on the importance and need for character education now more than ever. It also encourages schools, families, organizations and civics groups to celebrate National Character Counts Week with appropriate programs, activities and ceremonies.

The resolution states:

“Whereas the well-being of the United States requires that the young people of the United States become an involved, caring citizenry of good character; Whereas the character education of children has become more urgent, as violence by and against youth increasingly threatens the physical and psychological well-being of the people of the United States; Whereas, more than ever, children need strong and constructive guidance from their families and their communities, including schools, youth organizations, religious institutions, and civic groups…: Now, therefore, be it Resolved that the Senate designates the week beginning Oct. 21, 2012, as “National Character Counts Week”; and calls upon the people of the U.S. and interested groups to embrace the elements of character identified by local schools and communities, such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship…”

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