Right Before You Write, by Jonathan O’Brien

This irreverent guide to grantwriting will feel like a friend when you’re done. Author Jonathan O’Brien’s conversational style is easy to follow and makes readers feel they’re capable of securing funding. The aim is not to turn readers into great grantwriters (he’d be out of a job if that happened) but to make them think like they are.

Prospective writers are guided through possible pitfalls. To wit: The RFP is something you “take to the beach if you plan on falling asleep and getting sunburned,” grant applications are “only a crapshoot if you write crap.”

O’Brien analyzes every stage and word of a successful proposal and shows how to craft a grant that stands out from the rest. Visit his website to buy the book at a special discount for Chronicle readers (discount code is RBYW).

Readers are welcome to contact the author with questions or to book workshops.