Bullying prevention resources

Create a culture of kindness, reduce bullying and youth violence

The CHARACTER COUNTS! approach to bullying is to create a school culture in which bullying is not acceptable and not tolerated. By emphasizing the Six Pillars of Character, schools send a clear message to students: Bullying, or even standing by idly while it happens, is just not something a person of character does.

Anti-bullying workshops

CHARACTER COUNTS! trainings are the best way to learn our proven anti-bullying strategies. We’ll bring the specialized trainers to you.

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The best way to learn this approach is to attend a Character Development Seminar or to bring a one-day in-service workshop on bullying to your school. In the meantime, feel free to print and use our free resources (see below).

Are anti-bullying programs required by law in your state?

Many states have passed legislation requiring anti-bullying programs or policies at schools. BullyPolice.org tracks and evaluates those laws.

Similarly, the National Conference of State Legislatures keeps track of what states are doing to legislate against cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and other forms of online harassment.

The Department of Education has recently published a report detailing model state bullying policies, information on what states have enacted bullying laws and when, and a comprehensive analysis of policies and laws.

Anti-bullying resources

We've posted a variety of lesson plans and anti-bullying materials.

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Reducing youth violence with character education

Learn about the problem of violence among young people and what CHARACTER COUNTS! is doing about it: