Children’s books that build character

Looking for a book for teens that emphasizes trustworthiness? This list can help. Use the menus below to search by age or by the Six Pillars of Character. And don't forget to visit our online catalog for books available directly through CHARACTER COUNTS!.

Accelerated Reader points and levels
The Tulare County Office of Education has aligned this list with Accelerated Reader. 
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trst=Trustworthiness, rspt=Respect, rspn=Responsibility
fair=Fairness, care=Caring, citz=Citizenship

Author Title Pgs. Level Pillar
Adler, C. Get Lost, Little Brother 144 children's fiction rspt
Adler, C. In Our House, Scott Is My Brother 125 teen's fiction trst
Aesop The Boy Who Cried Wolf children's fiction rspn
Aliki Two of Them children's storybook rspt
Anglund, J. Friend Is Someone Who Likes You children's storybook rspt
Armstrong, W.H. Sounder 116 teen's fiction rspt
Asch, F. Pearl’s Promise 152 children's fiction rspn
Avi Night Journeys 143 children's fiction trst
Babbitt, N. Knee-Knock Rise 117 children's fiction care
Barbieri, Gladys Rubber Shoes... A lesson in gratitude 28 children's fiction rspt
Bargar, G. Life Is Not Fair 174 teen's fiction care
Baylor, B. Hawk, I’m Your Brother 55 children's fiction citz
Beckman, D. My Own Private Sky 154 children's fiction rspt
Berenstain, S. Berenstain Bears and the Truth children's storybook trst
Berenstain, S. Berenstain Bears’ Trouble at School children's storybook rspn
Beskow, E. Pelle’s New Suit 15 children's storybook trst
Bianco, M. Velveteen Rabbit 33 children's fiction rspt
Bishop, C. All Alone 95 children's fiction rspn
Bishop, C. Twenty and Ten 75 children's fiction trst
Blos, J. Old Henry children's storybook citz
Boelts, Maribeth Those Shoes 32 children's storybook care
Bohlken, R. Listening to the Mukies... 104 children's fiction rspt, fair
Bonsall, C. Case of the Double-Cross 64 children's storybook fair
Botch, J. Big Feats 34 children's storybook rspn
Brandenberg, F. Nice New Neighbors 56 children's storybook fair
Brink, C. Bad Times of Irma Baumlein 134 teen's fiction trst
Brower, Hamilton and Martin, Annette Parker Magnificent Words to Live By 38 children's fiction care, citz, fair, rspt, rspn, trst
Brown, M. Once a Mouse: A Fable Cut in Wood children's storybook rspt
Brown, M. Arthur’s Eyes 27 children's storybook rspt
Brown, M. Arthur’s Nose children's storybook rspt
Brown, M My Name is Celia - The Life of Celia Cruz 30 children's storybook citz
Brown, M My Name Is Gabriella -The Life of Gabriella Mistral 30 children's storybook citz
Bruce, D. Manners I. Care 32 children's storybook rspt
Buck, P. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John 80 children's fiction rspn
Bulla, C. Shoeshine Girl 84 children's fiction rspn
Bunting, E. Clancy’s Coat children's storybook rspt
Burch, R. Christmas with Ida Early 157 children's fiction care
Burch, R. Ida Early Comes over the Mountain 145 children's fiction care
Burch, R. Queenie Peavy 159 teen's fiction rspt
Burch, R. Renfroe’s Christmas children's fiction rspt
Burton, V. Katy and the Big Snow 36 children's storybook rspn
Burton, V. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel 48 children's storybook trst
Byars, B. 18th Emergency 126 children's fiction rspt
Byars, B. After the Goat Man 126 children's fiction trst
Byars, B. Glory Girl 121 children's fiction rspt
Byars, B. Night Swimmers 131 teen's fiction rspn
Byars, B. Pinballs 136 children's fiction rspt
Byars, B. Summer of the Swans 142 teen's fiction rspn
Caines, J. Daddy children's storybook rspt
Carle, E. Grouchy Ladybug 41 children's storybook rspt
Carlson, N. Brother for the Orphelines 100 children's fiction rspn
Carlson, N. Family under the Bridge 99 children's fiction rspn
Carrick, C. Climb children's storybook trst
Carrick, C. Some Friend! 112 children's fiction trst
Carrick, C. What a Wimp! 89 children's fiction rspn
Caudill, R. Pocketful of Cricket children's storybook rspt
Chambers, A. Present Takers 156 children's fiction citz
Charlip, R. Harlequin and the Gift of Many Colors children's storybook care
Chorao, K. Molly’s Lies 32 children's storybook trst
Christopher, M. Fox Steals Home 178 children's fiction fair
Church Mice Adrift. Unp. My Dad Is Really Something children's storybook rspt
Cleary, B. Henry and the Clubhouse 192 children's fiction rspn
Cleary, B. Henry and the Paper route 192 children's fiction rspn
Cleary, B. Henry Huggins children's fiction rspn
Cleary, B. Ramona the Brave 190 children's fiction rspt
Clifton, L. Everett Anderson’s Friend children's storybook fair
Clifton, L. My Friend Jacob children's storybook rspt
Clymer, E. Get-away Car 149 children's fiction rspn
Clymer, E. Horse in the Attic 87 children's fiction rspn
Clymer, E. My Brother Stevie 76 children's fiction rspn
Coatsworth, E. Marra’s World 83 children's fiction rspt
Cohen, B. Molly’s Pilgrim 32 children's fiction care
Cohen, B. Thank You, Jackie Robinson 125 teen's fiction fair
Cohen, M. Best Friends 32 children's storybook rspt
Cohen, M. See You Tomorrow, Charles children's storybook care
Cohen, M. So What? 32 children's storybook rspt
Collier, J. My Brother Sam Is Dead 224 teen's fiction trst
Conford, E. Felicia the Critic 145 children's fiction rspt
Costalese, A Abuelita Full of Life-llena de vida 30 children's storybook care
Coutant, H. Gift children's fiction care
Crofford, E. Stories from the Blue Road children's fiction rspt
Cropsey, S.J. Tinker's Christmas 59 children's storybook rspt
Cunningham, J. Flight of the Sparrow 144 teen's fiction trst
Dalgliesh, A. Courage of Sarah Noble 54 children's fiction trst
Dana, B. Zucchini 122 children's fiction rspt
Danner, P. Andre, Angel in a Poodle Suit 32 children's storybook care
Danziger, P. Cat Ate My Gymsuit 147 teen's fiction rspt
Danziger, P. Pistachio Prescription 154 teen's fiction rspt
DeAngeli, M. Bright April 88 children's fiction care
DeClements, B. Nothing’s Fair in 5th Grade 137 children's fiction rspt
DeJong, M. House of Sixty Fathers 189 children's fiction citz
DeJong, M. Journey From Peppermint Street 242 children's fiction rspn
DePaola, T. Andy (That’s My Name) children's storybook rspt
DePaola, T. Oliver Button is a.Sissy children's storybook care
Delton, J. Backyard Angel 107 children's fiction rspn
Delton, J. Two Good Friends 32 children's storybook care
Demi The Empty Pot children's storybook trst
Dengler, M The Worry Stone 38 children's storybook care
Doty, J. If Wishes Were Horses 125 teen's fiction rspn
Drury, R. Champion of Merrimack County 199 children's fiction care
Duvoisin, R. Veronica children's storybook rspt
Eige, L. Kidnapping of Mister Huey 153 teen's fiction rspn
Estes, E. Hundred Dresses 81 children's fiction care
Estes, E. Moffats 290 children's fiction rspn
Estes, E. Rufus M. 320 children's fiction rspn
Ets, M. Play With Me 31 children's storybook rspt
Evans, Olive Adventures With The Thrift Store Bears 48 children's storybook
Evans, Olive The Thrift Store Bears 40 children's storybook
Evans, Olive The Thrift Store Bears Activity Book 43 children's storybook
Fatio, L. Happy Lion children's storybook rspt
Fife, D. Who’ll Vote for Lincoln 63 children's fiction trst
First, J. Move Over, Beethoven 121 teen's fiction rspn
Fisher, L. Rachel Vellars, How Could You? 155 children's fiction rspt
Fitzgerald, J. Great Brain Reforms 165 children's fiction trst
Fitzgerald, J. Me and My Little Brain 137 children's fiction rspt
Flournay, V. Twins Strike Back 32 children's storybook rspt
Foe, P. Portrait of Ivan 131 children's fiction rspt
Fox, P. One Eyed Cat 216 children's fiction rspn
Fox, P. Stone-faced Boy 106 children's fiction rspt
Freeman, D. Come Again, Pelican 44 children's storybook rspt
Freeman, D. Corduroy 32 children's storybook care
Gackenbach, D. King Wacky 32 children's storybook citz
Gaeddert, L. Your Former Friend, Matthew 75 children's fiction rspt
Gardiner, J. Stone Fox 85 children's fiction rspn
Garrigue, S. Between Friends 160 children's fiction rspt
George, J. My Side of the Mountain 178 children's fiction citz
Geri Gilstrap Big Green and Little Red 20 children's fiction
Geri Gilstrap Little Red Learns to Obey 22 children's storybook
Gerson, C. Tread Softly 133 children's fiction trst
Gerson, C. How I Put My Mother Through College 136 teen's fiction rspn
Godden, R. Mr. Mcfadden’s Halloween 127 children's fiction trst
Gramatky, H. Little Toot children's storybook rspn
Greene, B. Get On Out of Here, Philip Hall 150 children's fiction rspt
Greene, B. Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon children's fiction rspt
Greene, B. Summer of My German Soldier 230 teen's fiction trst
Greene, C. I and Sproggy 155 children's fiction rspt
Greene, C. Leo the Lioness 118 children's fiction rspt
Greene, C. Unmaking of Rabbit 125 children's fiction rspt
Greenwald, S. Will the Real Gertrude Hollings . . . children's fiction rspt
Griffith, H. Alex and the Cat 55 children's storybook rspt
Haas, D. Tink in a Tangle 136 children's fiction rspt
Hall, L. Uphill All the Way 121 teen's fiction trst
Hall, M. H. Pheobe and Chubb 30 children's storybook care
Hamilton, V. Willie Bea & the Time the Martians ... 208 teen's fiction care
Hansen, J. Gift-Giver 118 children's fiction rspt
Hautzig, D. Handsomest Father 47 children's storybook rspt
Henkes, Kevin Chrysanthemum children's storybook rspn
Heyward, D. Country Bunny & the Little Gold Shoes children's storybook trst
Hoban, L. Arthur’s Penpal 62 children's storybook fair
Hoban, R. Bargain for Frances 62 children's storybook trst
Hoban, R. Best Friends for Frances 31 children's storybook fair
Hoban, R. Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas children's storybook trst
Hoban, Russell The Little Brute Family children's storybook rspt
Holland, I. Alan and the Animal Kingdom 190 teen's fiction rspn
Hoog, M.E. The First Growing Field Adventure 32 children's storybook care
Hoose, P. & H. Hey, Little Ant 28 children's storybook rspt
Humphrey, S.M. If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do? children's storybook rspn
Humphrey, S.M. MORE--If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do? children's storybook rspn
Humphrey, S.M. Dare to Dream!: 25 Extraordinary Lives children's storybook rspn
Hunt, I. William: A Novel 188 teen's fiction rspn
Hurwitz, J. Aldo Applesauce children's fiction rspt
Hurwitz, J. Law of Gravity: A Story 192 children's fiction rspt
Hurwitz, J. Rabbi’s Girls 158 teen's fiction care
Hurwitz, J. Superduper Teddy 80 children's fiction rspt
Hutchins, P. Best Train Set Ever 55 children's storybook care
Iwamura, K. Ton and Pon: Two Good Friends 52 children's storybook fair
Jarrell, R. Animal Family 180 teen's fiction care
Jones, R. Madeline & the Great (Old) Escape Artist 88 teen's fiction care
Jordan, J. New Life: New Room 52 children's fiction care
Jorge Argueta Talking With Mother Earth/Hablando con Madre Tierra children's fiction citz
Katherine Ciriello Clark Lucy Goosey Takes Responsibility children's storybook
Keith, H. Rifles for Watie 322 teen's fiction trst
Kerr, J. When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit 191 teen's fiction care
Kerr, M. Gentlehands 183 teen's fiction trst
Kerr, M. Is That You, Miss Blue? 170 teen's fiction trst
Kerr, M. Little Little 183 teen's fiction care
King-Smith, D. Magnus Powermouse 120 children's fiction rspt
Klein, N. Visiting Pamela children's storybook rspt
Konigsburg, E. Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth children's fiction rspt
Korschanow, I. Foundling Fox 48 children's storybook care
Krantz, L Only One You 32 children's storybook rspt
Kullman, H. Battle Horse 183 teen's fiction care
Langton, J. Fragile Flag 224 children's fiction trst
Lasker, J. Nick Joins In 32 children's storybook rspt
Lawrence, L. Dram Road 218 teen's fiction rspn
Lawson, R. Rabbit Hill 128 children's fiction rspt
Lehman, Dana Adventures at Walnut Grove children's storybook rspt
Lehman, Dana I Double Dare You! children's storybook rspn
Lehman, Dana I Can Do It children's storybook rspn
Lenski, L. Strawberry Girl children's fiction trst
Levy, J. Alley Oops 32 children's storybook rspt
Lexau, J. I Hate Red Rover children's storybook rspt
Lexau, J. Striped Ice Cream 95 children's fiction trst
Lionni, L. Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse children's storybook care
Lionni, L. Swimmy children's storybook trst
Lionni, L. Tico and the Golden Wings children's storybook care
Lipsyte, R. Contender 182 teen's fiction rspt
Little, J. Look Through My Window 258 teen's fiction care
Little, J. One to Grow on 140 children's fiction trst
Lobel, A. Frog and Toad All Year 64 children's storybook rspt
Lobel, A. Frog and Toad Are Friends 64 children's storybook rspt
Lobel, A. Frog and Toad Together 64 children's storybook rspt
Luenn, N A Gift for Abuelita 30 children's storybook care
MacLachlan, P. Arthur for the Very First Time 117 children's fiction rspt
MacLachlan, P. Cassie Binegar 120 children's fiction rspt
Mann, P. Street of the Flower Boxes 71 children's fiction rspn
Marshall, J. George and Martha 46 children's storybook rspt
Marshall, J. George and Martha One Fine Day 46 children's storybook rspt
Marshall, J. George and Martha Encore 46 children's storybook rspt
Martin, C. Summer Business children's storybook citz
Mason, A. Dancing Meteorite 214 teen's fiction trst
Mason, M. Middle Sister 160 children's fiction trst
Mathis, S. Hundred Penny Box 47 children's fiction rspt
McDonnell, C. Lucky Charms & Birthday Wishes 84 children's fiction rspt
McHugh, E. Karen and Vicki 150 teen's fiction rspn
McHugh, E. Karen’s Sister 149 teen's fiction rspn
McHugh, E. Raising a Mother Isn’t Easy 156 teen's fiction rspn
McPhail, D. Sisters children's storybook rspt
Miles, B. Maudie & Me & the Dirty Book 144 children's fiction trst
Miles, B. Secret Life of the Underwear Champ 117 children's fiction care
Miles, M. Gertrude’s Pocket children's fiction rspt
Mitchell, S.K. What Great Thing Can Patches Do? 35 children's storybook care
Moeri, L. Downwind 121 teen's fiction rspn
Monjo, F. Drinking Gourd 62 children's storybook trst
Moskin, M. Toto children's fiction trst
Myers, W. Young Landlords 197 teen's fiction rspn
Ness, E. Sam, Bangs & Moonshine children's storybook trst
Neufeld, J. Edgar Allan 95 teen's fiction care
Neville, E. Berries Goodman 178 teen's fiction care
Newman, N. That Dog! 47 children's storybook care
Oakley, G. Church Mice Adrift children's storybook rspn
Pascal, F. Hand-Me-Down Kid 172 teen's fiction rspt
Paterson, K. Jacob Have I Loved 215 teen's fiction rspt
Peck, R. Father Figure: A Novel 192 teen's fiction rspn
Peet, B. Cowardly Clyde 38 children's storybook trst
Perl, L. Tybee Trimble’s Hard Times 143 children's fiction care
Perrine, M. Salt Boy 31 children's storybook rspn
Pfeffer, S. Courage, Dana 160 children's fiction trst
Piper, W. Little Engine that Could children's storybook trst
Platt, K. Brogg’s Brain 123 teen's fiction rspt
Rhoads, D. Corn Grows Ripe 88 children's fiction rspn
Roberts, W. Don’t Hurt Laurie! 166 teen's fiction care
Robinson, B. Best Christmas Pageant Ever 80 children's fiction care
Rosenthal, A.K. Cookies 32 children's storybook fair
Ross, P. Meet M and M 41 children's storybook rspt
Rylant, C. Miss Maggie 32 children's storybook rspt
Sachar, L. Marvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher’s House children's fiction rspn
Sachar, L. Marvin Redpost: Is He a Girl? children's fiction care
Sachar, L. Marvin Redpost: Why Pick on Me? children's fiction trst
Sachs, M. Call Me Ruth 134 children's fiction trst
Sandra McLeod Humphrey (More) If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do? 131 children's fiction rspn
Sarnoff, J. That’s Not Fair 32 children's storybook fair
Sauer, J. Light at Tern Rock 62 children's fiction rspn
Schaefer, J. Old Ramon 102 teen's fiction trst
Selden, G. Cricket in Times Square 160 children's fiction rspt
Sharmat, M. Bartholomew, the Bossy 32 children's storybook rspt
Sharmat, M. Big Fat Enormous Lie 32 children's storybook trst
Sharmat, M. Gladys Told Me to Meet Her Here 32 children's storybook care
Sharmat, M. I’m Terrific children's storybook rspt
Sharmat, M. Mooch the Messy 61 children's storybook care
Sharp, M. Bernard the Brave 128 children's fiction trst
Shreve, S. Family Secrets: 5 Very Important Stories 56 children's fiction trst
Shreve, S. Flunking of Joshua T. Bates 82 children's fiction care
Shura, M. Barkley Street Six-Pack 159 children's fiction trst
Shyer, M. Adorable Sunday 182 teen's fiction rspt
Shyer, M. Welcome Home, Jellybean 153 teen's fiction rspn
Skolsky, M. Carnival and Kopeck 74 children's fiction care
Skurzynski, G. Honest Andrew 32 children's storybook trst
Smith, A. The Halloween Misfits 24 + CD children's storybook rspt
Smith, A. The Mischievous Bugs 30 + CD children's storybook rspt
Speare, E. Sign of the Beaver 135 teen's fiction rspn
Sperry, A. Call It Courage 95 children's fiction trst
Stanek, M. Growl When You Say R 32 children's storybook rspt
Steig, W. Amos & Boris 32 children's storybook rspt
Steig, W. Caleb & Kate children's storybook rspt
Stevenson, J. Wilfred the Rat 32 children's storybook rspt
Stolz, M. Bully of Barkham Street 194 children's fiction rspt
Stolz, M. Dog on Barkham Street 184 children's fiction rspn
Stolz, M. Edge of Next Year 195 children's fiction rspn
Stolz, M. Noonday Friends 182 children's fiction rspt
Sundberg, Peggy Okey-Dokey Oakie 30 children's storybook trst
Sundberg, Peggy Lonesome the Little Horse 30 children's storybook rspn
Sundberg, Peggy Shortstuff Bucks! 30 children's storybook rspn
Sundberg, Peggy Jazmine’s Incredible Story 30 children's storybook care
Sussman, S. There’s No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush 48 children's fiction care
Todd, L. Best Kept Secret of the War 165 children's fiction trst
Treffinger, C. Li Lun, Lad of Courage 96 teen's fiction trst
Turkle, B. Adventures of Obadiah. children's storybook trst
Turkle, B. Thy Friend Obadiah 37 children's storybook rspt
Uchida, Y. Journey Home 131 teen's fiction care
Uchida, Y. Journey to Topaz 149 teen's fiction care
Ungerer, T. Three Robbers children's storybook rspt
Viorst, J. Rosie and Michael children's storybook care
Voight, C. Dicey’s Song 196 teen's fiction rspn
Voight, C. Homecoming 312 teen's fiction rspn
Walsh, E. Brunus and the New Bear children's storybook rspt
Ward, L. Biggest Bear 84 children's storybook rspn
Weiss, N. Maude and Sally children's storybook rspt
White, E.B. Charlotte’s Web 184 children's fiction trst
White, E.B. The Trumpet of the Swan 224 children's fiction citz
Winthrop, E. Belinda’s Hurricane 54 children's fiction care
Wittman, S. Special Trade children's storybook rspt
Wooden, J. Inch and Miles 39 children's storybook rspn
Wright, B. Dollhouse Murders 149 children's fiction care
Yadgir, Patirica Hooty Learns What’s Right 34 children's storybook care, citz, rspt, trst
Yashima, T. Crow Boy 37 children's storybook trst
Yep, L. Child of the Owl 217 teen's fiction rspt
Yep, L. Sea Glass 213 teen's fiction rspt
Zolotow, C. May I Visit 32 children's storybook care