Easy ways to integrate CC! into your school

Through professional development, free consultation and teaching tools, plus curriculum products, CHARACTER COUNTS! trains teachers, administrators, and youth-serving adults how to infuse character education into their exisiting curriculum and programs. We also offer specialized programs to address specific needs:


Just getting started with CHARACTER COUNTS!? Interested in enhancing and updating your CC! program? These economical packages include staff training, materials, ongoing consultation and more.
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Foundations for Life

Foundations for Life is a maxim-based discussion and essay program that helps prepare students for crucial tests, improves their reasoning and writing skills, and inspires them to reflect upon and express profound and enduring truths that will guide them in making ethical choices in their lives.
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Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth

Every two years, Josephson Institute conducts a survey of several thousand high school students across the country. Called the Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth, our report presents their self-reported values, attitudes, and ethics-based behaviors. If your school would like to participate, it's never too late. You can receive a confidential report that compares your results with the national averages.
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Don't forget to visit our Center for Sports Ethics where you'll find more programs specifically designed for amateur athletics.
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