Pinwheels for Peace

By Barbara Gruener

International Day of Peace is just around the corner; what will you and your peacemakers be doing to celebrate September 21, 2012? At Westwood-Bales Elementary, the Art and Music teachers are working with the counselor (that’s me!) to collectively pull off Whirled Peace. Pinwheels For Peace, that is.

Students in Art class this rotation will be decorating and putting together pinwheels that they’ll attach to a pencil and ultimately plant. Students in Music class will be learning the song “We Come To Greet You In Peace” with words and using sign language (click here to see our kindergarten peacemakers rehearse this song).

In guidance classes, we’ll be discussing what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to be a peacemaker. Then, at 1:30 pm on Friday afternoon, we’ll take our project on the roadside to visually show our promise for peace to the community. Art students will plant their pinwheels (in the shape of a peace sign, of course) while music students sing and sign the song. With a thousand students and our school family all onboard, this promises to be a phenomenal event.

A beautiful complement to this celebration would be the illustrated picture book Shhh!” by Jeanne Willis. In this peaceful treasure, a little shrew knows the secret to peace on earth, but it’s too noisy. What will it take to quiet the noise and find peace?

Look out world, here come our peacemakers!


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