Use of logos, copyrighted material

We recognize the interest in using CHARACTER COUNTS! logos, registered trademarks, and service marks and even reprinting our materials. We have a simple permissions process for these requests which is required prior to any usage. Please read below, then complete and submit our Permissions Request Form.


The use of our logos is one of the benefits of Coalition membership. If your community, school, or organization is a CC!  Member, you have the right to use our logos, but you still need to complete a permission request form. This helps us ensures the logo is being used appropriately as well as keep track of what kinds of projects and activities you’re working on.

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Registered trademarks

If you would like to use one of our registered trademarked or service-marked names or logos below, please use our Permissions Request Form.

When using the above names, please follow our guidelines below. By doing so, your materials and efforts will be consistent with the nationally recognized CHARACTER COUNTS! program and strengthen the overall mission.


  • Print “CHARACTER COUNTS!” in all caps with an exclamation point.
  • Capitalize “Six Pillars of Character” and use the word “Six,” not the numeral 6.
  • Place ® after any registered trademarked name. (Example: CHARACTER COUNTS!® is the nation’s leading character education program.)
  • Use the following attribution language on your materials:
    “[Name/Logo] is a registered trademark of the Josephson Institute.”



Both members and non-members need permission to reprint content from our websites, publications, or materials. To obtain permission, please complete the Permissions Request Form.