New Survey Measures Educators’ Attitudes Towards School Climate

Teacher 1A recent survey conducted by Education Week revealed that while teachers and administrators both believe school climate is important, their perspectives differed on how much was actually being done to improve students’ social and emotional growth.

The survey of more than 1,300 teachers and administrators found that 72 percent of teachers and 83 percent of administrators believe school climate is “very important to student achievement.” However, while 79 percent of administrators said that students’ social and emotional development was given the right amount of attention, only 55 percent of teachers agreed with that statement.

Other key findings included:

  • 77 percent of administrators strongly agreed that their school climate is “conducive to learning.” Only 48 percent of teachers agreed.
  • 74 percent of administrators believed that administrators provided adequate support to teachers. Only 29 percent of teachers agreed.
  • Opinions differed on how to respond to student misbehavior. 76 percent of respondents felt in-school suspension was effective, compared with only 41 percent for expulsion.


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