Character Music Collection

Here you will find a collection of diverse, inspiring character songs by album for your listening enjoyment. Each is available for purchase on Compact Disc within our online store. Use the player button below each album cover to listen. By using the left and right controllers, you are able to change songs and clicking within a song changes the head position for fast-forwarding. Enjoy!


“CC! Strikes A chord”

Enjoy this wonderful CD of character education songs from Dave Kinnoin – Parent’s Choice Gold Award-winning recording artist. Dave has written hundreds of songs for the Muppets, Disney, Sesame Workshop, and dozens of other family entertainment and educational companies. Dave’s written this special album for CHARACTER COUNTS! packed full of character education songs. To schedule Dave Kinnoin for an assembly, please call Regina Kelland at 352-688-4640 or visit his website.



“The Best In Me”

Dave’s newest CD is on a winning streak being honored with 6 awards! To schedule Dave Kinnoin for an assembly, please call Regina Kelland at 352-688-4640 or visit his website.

A Lot of Good in There

A Lot of Good In There

words and music by Dave Kinnoin
©2012 Song Wizard Music (ASCAP)

verse one:
Don’t mean to stare at her,
But her fine character
Is a curiosity.
Her smile is so spectacular,
I give it back to her.
Now she is hangin’ out with me.
She makes things better all over the world.
When we’re together, I learn a lot from this girl
‘Cause she’s…

Trustworthy, responsible, generous, and fair.
A lot of good in there.
Respectful, so kind—a citizen extraordinaire.
A lot of good in there.
A lot of good in there.

verse two:
Breaks down a wall of lies.
His courage qualifies
For a medal and a band.
His heart is so incredible,
His busy head is full
Of plans to lend the world a hand.
His crazy rhythm makes everything fun.
When I work with him, we always get the job done
‘Cause he’s…

(repeat chorus)

All the day through they do their best.
They pack accurate action—
They’re on the road to satisfaction.

(repeat chorus)

Section 2


“It’s In Your Character”

CHARACTER COUNTS! and R.A.G.E. (Release Anxiety to Gain Excellence) have partnered to bring you outstanding inspirational character music about The Six Pillars of Character. These songs — written, produced, and sung by the artist ‘PM’ — reinforce ethical values and social responsibility. These seven songs, plus two bonus tracks, will appeal to students of all ages and brings character music to a whole new level.


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