Character Counts Week


A CHARACTER COUNTS! Week Concert with Dave

Dave Kinnoin is one of the hardest-working artists in children’s music. Dave has released eight albums, has been honored with dozens of awards and tours nationally to enthusiastic audiences. Chances are if you’ve enjoyed songs by Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, Winnie the Pooh, Bear in the Big Blue House, and Big Bird (among others), then you know Dave Kinnoin. Thank you to Dave for his contribution to CHARACTER COUNTS! Week.

Interested in booking an onsite assembly lead by Dave Kinnoin? Learn more here, or contact us at .


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Six Pillar Jingles


CC! Jingle: Dance Lesson


Students will work as a team and collaborate to create a short dance to a CHARACTER COUNTS! jingle.


  1. Put students in small groups of about 4-6.
  2. Have the groups choose one of the Pillar jingles from above.
  3. The students will be tasked with working together to create a TikTok style dance to the CHARACTER COUNTS! Pillar jingle. If you need some inspiration, check out these viral dance trends:
  4. Before starting, have the groups create a compact agreement. A compact is an agreement of how a group will do the best work and treat each other with care and respect. Ask the groups to create a compact with 3-5 guidelines. You may want to give them examples like “hear all ideas” or “use calm voices and positive words.” You can use the compact PDF here.
  5. Let the groups collaborate to come up with ideas and practice. Then record the dances and share them with CHARACTER COUNTS! on social media (links to our accounts are on the CC!  Week page)
  6. After the groups have completed their dances, ask students the following discussion questions:
    • Did you follow your compact?
    • How did you decide who would do what?
    • Did you say more positive things or negative things to one another during the challenge?
    • How did you communicate when there was a disagreement?
    • What was the most challenging part of working together?
    • What, besides the dancing and/or the song, would you better or differently to work better as a team next time?
    • Would you add anything to your compact for next time?