Moving true stories about the impact of teachers

StoryCorps is a national oral history project of interviews with regular people. The interviewers are friends or loved ones of the interviewees, and all the interviews are archived in the Library of Congress. Excerpts of a few are also broadcast nationally on NPR.

This school year, StoryCorps is making a special effort to record interviews with and about teachers. According to its website, the National Teachers Initiative hopes “to call public attention to the invaluable contributions teachers have made to this nation, honor those who have embraced the profession as their calling, encourage teaching as a career choice, and unify the country behind its teachers—helping us all recognize that there is no more important or noble work than that of educating our nation’s children.”

We couldn’t agree more, and the five stories posted so far (nationally broadcast on the radio show Weekend Edition Sunday) are extraordinary examples of the power of teaching to positively impact the world.

You can listen below to a couple of these short, riveting conversations.

To listen to more stories, see the National Teachers Initiative website at StoryCorps or at Weekend Edition Sunday.

To find out how you can record an interview with a loved one for archiving at the Library of Congress, visit the StoryCorps reservations page.

One thought on “Moving true stories about the impact of teachers”

  1. I have seen both sides of the coin. A single teacher can make or break a student. We all know kids can be hard to deal with, and some of them it just doesn’t work….for the majority though, given the right interaction, a teacher can help a kid more than they will ever know.

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