Lucy Goosey Takes Responsibility

lucy goosey
Title: Lucy Goosey Takes Responsibility
Authors: Katherine CIriello Clark
Publisher: High Pitched Hum
Type: Picture Book
Level: Ages 4-8
Pages: 28

As elementary students learn how to manage responsibilities, sometimes they can’t keep up. This sweet book by CC! teacher Katherine Ciriello Clark is a wonderful way to help students take responsibility for their actions and to accept that everyone makes bad decisions now and again.

When Lucy Goosey oversleeps, she triggers a disastrous day at Billowing Heights Elementary School. One thing leads to another as her decision to sleep another five minutes snowballs. Her teachers aren’t impressed with her excuses, but one teacher listens and helps her turn around her attitude.

The book is a great read-aloud for elementary students and presents scenes everyone will be familiar with. The story reminds young students that making good decisions helps them take responsibility for their actions and that the cycle of bad decision-making can be reversed.

Katherine Ciriello Clark is an elementary school teacher in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.