Lesson plans to beat bullying and celebrate February’s holidays

Smiling studentsAddressing Bullying Behavior Through the Six Pillars

The Six Pillars of Character offer a great framework for exploring how bullying behaviors conflict with good character. This exercise will help students identify troublesome behaviors and use critical thinking to determine which Pillar they should emphasize to eliminate them.

Check out the full lesson plan.

Lesson Plan for February:

For Black History Month, teenage students can research and write about an influential African American who exemplifies one of the Six Pillars of Character. Nine- to eleven-year-old students can examine the life of Rosa Parks through the Six Pillars of Character.

For Valentine’s Day, teach your six- to nine-year-old students about metaphors, plants, and caring by having them create a Kind Heart garden.

Finally, in honor of President’s Day (February 21), elementary-school students can learn about citizenship by studying the life of Abraham Lincoln.

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  1. The above lesson plans are terrific! They connect the pillars with bullying, African American Month, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day.

  2. I’m excited to use the Kind Heart Garden Valentine’s Day lesson.
    I can not find a link to the garden template. Can anyone help with this?

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