Iowa Governor Signs CHARACTER COUNTS! Week Proclamation

Iowa Governor Terry E. Branstad issued a proclamation for National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week on Wednesday, urging all public employees to seek out opportunities to emphasize the Six Pillars of Character in their work with young people in order to promote character development. CHARACTER COUNTS! board members, staff and volunteers were on hand at the Iowa capitol to witness the signing.

The proclamation states:

 “Whereas, concerns about the character training of children have taken on a new sense of urgency as violence by and against youth threatens the physical and psychological well-being of the nation and more than ever chilren need constructive guidance…. scholars and educators agree that people do not automatically develop good character and therefore, concious efforts must be made by youth-influencing institutions and individuals to help young people develop the essential traits and characteristics that comprise good character.”

If you’ve not yet registered for CC! Week, you can still do so here and join in the celebration!