If you paint it, they will grow.

West Putnam alumni touch up their mural. Photo by Reneh Agha, Porterville Reporter

Murals on school walls are a great way to keep students mindful of the Six Pillars and the importance of good character.

Last year, sixth-grade students and teachers from the West Putnam School in Tulare County, California began working on a CHARACTER COUNTS! mural for their school. Last week, some of those students came back to put the finishing touches on “The Pillars of Character.”

As Esther Avila reports in The Porterville Recorder, the mural depicts Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. Students will see the mural every day when they line up for lunch. (We anticipate zero foodfights at West Putnam School this year.)

For more details, read the story here.

Photo by Reneh Agha, The Porterville Recorder

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