How to Tie Together CC! Week and Red Ribbon Week

Editor’s note: Here’s another dispatch from Barbara Gruener in Friendswood, Texas. This school counselor and character coach never fails to provide interesting and useful character-building ideas. True to form, in this post she offers helpful tips on combining celebrations for Red Ribbon Week (an anti-drug abuse campaign) and CHARACTER COUNTS! Week — all activity ideas tested by our friends at Westwood-Bales School before they come to you. Thanks, as always, Barbara!

It’s almost that time again, time to join millions of other people worldwide for an amazing celebration of character. At Westwood-Bales, we set aside the third week in October to combine CC! Week with Red Ribbon Week and spotlight healthy habits and good character choices.

Some of our theme days from past years include:

  • Color the World With Character – Wear tie-dye clothes.
  • Don’t Monkey Around With Drugs – Bring your favorite stuffed animal.
  • It’s All About CAREacter – Wear red for caring.
  • Respect Yourself; Don’t Do Drugs – Wear yellow for respect.
  • Drug-Free Is My Responsibility – Wear green for responsibility.
  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Drugs – Dress like a friend.
  • Count on Me to Be Drug-Free – Wear a shirt with a number on it.
  • My Future Is Bright, Drug-Free – Dress for success.
  • Shade Out Drugs – Wear sunglasses.
  • We’re Drug-Free Deep in the Heart of Texas – Dress like a cowboy or cowgirl.
  • Drug-Free We Make Footsteps Worth Following – Wear your walking shoes.
  • Let’s Help Our Community Piece by Peace – Wear a peace sign; bring a food pantry donation.
  • PAWS-itively Drug-Free – Bring donation for a local animal shelter.

We’ve signed many-a pledge poster where students promise to be Drug-Free Kids With Character.

We’ve partnered with our local pizza places to deliver our character messages on their pizza box tops.

We’ve put character slogans inside red balloons and red fortune cookies.

We’ve wrapped the town with red bows and posted signs declaring our schools a Drug-Free Zone.

We’ve given away countless wristbands, bookmarks and dog tags with our drug-free message.

We’ve sung the Six Pillar Shuffle together and held Storybook Parades to celebrate that we’re hooked on books, not drugs.

We’ve held schoolwide walks against drugs.

We’ve hosted our GRAND Celebration to honor our grandparents.

And each year we invite our role model teens, FHS Hometown Heroes, to lead a pep rally on Wednesday at our mid-week community gathering, as we team up against drugs and tell the world that our character counts.

It is always an eagerly-awaited, amazing week-long celebration in Friendswood.

Check out this year’s Westwood-Bales plan, then let us know how you’ll be celebrating in your corner of the world.