Get started: Speaking engagements

Character development starts at home, but members of the community should understand that “it takes a whole village to raise a child.” By drawing together parents, teachers, youth leaders and others of diverse backgrounds and professions, public speaking events can reinforce the message that everyone has a part to play in teaching kids to be responsible and live with integrity.

Speakers provide a valuable service by affirming the importance of setting a good example and of working together with young people to strengthen the ethics of our society. And, of course, they introduce the concept of systematic character development to those who are unfamiliar with CHARACTER COUNTS!

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There are many community groups that host speaking events — and they want to hear from people like you about what is happening in the community. Assemble a group of speakers — including student leaders and other young adults. We also offer customized

Possible speaking venues:

All towns have speaking opportunities. Remember, you want to reach the entire community, and successful and effective presentations are not limited to conventional venues. For starters, contact your local chamber of commerce and United Way for a list of local community organizations.

Many organizations designate someone to arrange for outside speakers. Begin by contacting local organizations. Introduce yourself and explain CHARACTER COUNTS!. You may be asked to write a letter describing your topic in greater detail.

When a speaking engagement is set, arrive early to meet the program chairperson and/or the group’s president. Make arrangements to have props you need for your talk (e.g., an easel, overhead projector, slide projector, blackboard, etc.). Provide the organization with a biographical sketch so they may properly introduce you.

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