Don’t Be Intimidated by Data

Anecdotal evidence may drive your character-development initiative, but without data to support it you may lose track of changes happening in your school. Not only does data help drive change in your programming, it can be a powerful tool for successful grant applications.

All schools collect data on academics and behavior, but not all use it effectively when assessing the impact of character education. Baseline data that supports anecdotal evidence showing there’s a need for character education should be tracked and analyzed throughout your implementation efforts. Doing so will help you see where to make adjustments and where you’re doing well.

We identified five areas you can source data for character-development programming and ideas for how to use data in grant applications:

  1. Discipline referrals, suspensions, and expulsions.
  2. Dropout and attendance rates.
  3. School climate.
  4. Extracurricular activities.
  5. Professional development and training.

Remember, this is only a sample. To get the maximum benefit from any data source, use it appropriately and consistently. Don’t let the data languish!

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