Does your school have a bullying policy?

Bullying has taken center stage in the news recently and there are several approaches being advocated to tackle it. What does your school do (or your kids’ school, if you’re a parent) to prevent and tackle bullying?

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  1. Members of our Capistrano Unified Council of PTSA’s got together during the summer of 2009 to work with our school district to develop an anti-bullying plan for the whole district. It took over a year to complete and at it’s completion a resource book was developed with a wide range of information including resources, Blue Ribbon Week ideas, quotes to be used during morning announcements, video’s that can also be used school wide. We gave information on specific programs that can be implemented. The book is over 100 pages in length, with tabs indicating each subject addressed. The PTSA Council purchased the resource guide for each PTA president and each principal in our large school district. This is the year of implementation, therefore, we have met with both the PTA presidents and the Principals showing them a powerpoint presentation on how best to use these materials. We are already getting a positive feedback from several schools.

  2. I am in the process of writing an anti-bullying curriculum for elementary age students. I am using ideas from the Olweus Bully Prevention Program and combining them with the Six Pillars of Character. I write a lesson each week for the teacher to use in their classroom meetings. I would be interested in the book but doo not know how to get information on purchasing it. I would also be interested in the powerpoint presentation if that would be available. Sincerely, Lisa McVey/Counselor

  3. Since many of the CUSD schools have CHARACTER COUNTS! integrated into the campus, did the PTSAs also integrate CHARACTER COUNTS! into their anti-bullying plan?

  4. There is suppose to be a policy against bulling but what if it is a teacher doing it to a student?

  5. I am in need of help for my daughter. A teacher at her school is bulling her, talking to other students about her and she comes home crying almost every day.

  6. Crystal,
    Here’s what you should do:

    1. Talk to other parents in your child’s class and find out if their children have witnessed the situation you describe and if their kids are being subject to similar behaviors.

    2. Get in touch with the school. Arrange a meeting with administrators to address the problem in the context of a personnel issue.

    3. Find out if your school has a bullying policy, which clearly indicates what bullying behaviors look like from all stakeholders.

    4. A bullying policy is a legal requirement. If your school doesn’t have one, suggest working with other parents, teachers, and students to develop one.

    5. Encourage your school to invite one of our faculty members to your site to give a bullying workshop. Our faculty can address all policy issues and explain how to develop a culture of caring that guides behaviors away from bullying. We can also offer immediate strategies for all stakeholders to handle a bullying behavior situation.

    CC! National Office

  7. Our school district is developing a program and we are looking for a flow chart of sequence for action to be taken.

  8. Our school district has had an anti-bullying policy for several years. The policy indicates zero tolerance, but it has no teeth; there are no repercussions for bullies. Students, parents, teachers, & administrators are powerless to make any changes unless the bullying escalates to the point where legal charges can be brought. What resources are available that I can take to my school district for effective policy development & training for adults as well as students?

  9. I’d love to have a copy of powerpoints or paperwork you’ve done. A policy needs to be put in place and with teeth. Any help is appreciated.

  10. Marilyn Amato, would love to have a copy of your power point and your booklet…am working overseas, so this electronic chat is good source or my email. thanks

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