Workshop to Help Schools Teach Responsible Digital Citizenship

Most of today’s students are entirely comfortable with technology, but are they using it appropriately? Do they understand their roles and responsibilities in digital society? How can teachers help students become responsible digital citizens? Dr. Mike Ribble answers those questions in his popular book, Digital Citizenship in Schools. Now this education and technology expert has joined forces with CHARACTER COUNTS! to help schools launch their own digital citizenship programs.

In this new digital citizenship workshop, Dr. Ribble will give you the tools and resources to teach young people about safe and responsible online behavior. With an emphasis on making good choices, this training session incorporates the Six Pillars of Character as decision-making guideposts. You’ll learn to create a strong and effective school-wide digital citizenship program that not only benefits students, but can improve the whole climate of your school.

“I have always believed that people of good character will be more likely to use technology in an appropriate way,” says Dr. Ribble. “This is why CHARACTER COUNTS! and digital citizenship work so well together.”

Learn more about the digital citizenship workshop here or call 515-271-1910 to schedule one at your school.