COVID-19 Resources for Educators

Creating a positive school culture will be critical to help students and families navigate and recover from the impact of COVID-19. Administrators and educators play a critical role in shaping the type of culture that allows students to perform at their very best.

In July 2020, a survey showed just 7% of educators were prepared to meet the SEL needs of students during COVID-19. The CARES Act and American Rescue Plan provide schools with the resources to invest in the social and emotional recovery of their students. CHARACTER COUNTS! can support this work through PK-12 character education and SEL strategies, curricular resources, training, and assessment.


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CHARACTER COUNTS! strategies can help your school teach, enforce, advocate, and model the key skills to overcome challenges that students face. In addition to CHARACTER COUNTS! implementation workshops, we can customize training to meet the evolving needs of your school (stress management, growth-mindset, resilience, etc.).

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It is vital to gauge the culture and climate of your school in order to assess the needs of your students and staff. Our assessments will help you evaluate student learning and development (including student safety and well-being) and staff professional capacity.

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Instructional Resources

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We have selected key instructional resources that can be most beneficial to you and your students in class, athletics and activities, and at home. Materials focus on:

  • Character education and social-emotional learning
  • Perseverance and resilience
  • Growth mindset
  • Positive relationships
  • Teamwork
  • Stress management
  • Shaping culture
  • Inclusion

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Lesson Plans

Critical Thinking - Character education

Our free lesson plan database provides a variety of character education lessons for K-12 educators.  Use our COVID-19 filter or search lessons by grade level or topic.  Carefully assembled by our educational program team, our lessons include objectives, timelines, discussion prompts, and family connections.

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Expert Advice

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Our experts can educate, motivate, and inspire your staff to deal with your student’s most pressing needs. In a series of videos, we’ll cover effectively managing stress, overcoming obstacles, and more.

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Our professional staff is available to help you identify your goals, priorities, and next steps.

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Featured Resources


As students transition back into school, whether for a new school year or for the first time since COVID-19 disrupted in-person classes, educators will face numerous challenges. Whether shaping new group norms, helping students develop a growth mindset to overcome obstacles, or working with students to set and achieve goals, among many other tasks, resources are available to help teachers develop these skills with their students.

The ESSENTIALS is a research-based character development resource designed for educators working with middle and high school-aged youth. The ten focus areas in The ESSENTIALS series represent critical competencies for developing character and culture skills needed for success in school, extra-curricular activities, work, and beyond.

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Lesson Plan Highlight

6-12 Lesson Plan: Resilience

Students need opportunities to see success and triumph in the midst of struggle. This lesson provides a video that discusses resilience from a young man who faced a lot of trials in his life. The discussion will provide an opportunity for the classroom to share ideas about trust, growth, and overcoming obstacles while building resilience for all the changes that life throws at you.

Character Education Objectives:
Students will:

  • watch a video about why adversity can build resilience.
  • discuss resilience and trust through the lens of overcoming obstacles.
  • hear ideas for building resilience.

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