A Person of Character…

  • Is a good person, someone to look up to and admire
  • Knows the difference between right and wrong and always tries to do what is right
  • Sets a good example for everyone
  • Makes the world a better place
  • Lives according to The Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respectresponsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship

Learn the colors, shapes and animals associated with the Six Pillars as well as their corresponding character traits!

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Trustworthiness is:

Trustworthiness is:


DO: Stand up for your beliefs • Follow your conscience • Be honorable and upright • Live by your principles, no matter what others say • Have the courage to do what is right and to try new things even when it is hard or costly • Build and guard your reputation

DON’T: Do anything wrong • Lose heart if you fail or don’t get what you want


DO: Tell the truth and nothing but the truth • Be sincere • Be forthright and candid

DON’T: Lie • Cheat • Steal • Be sneaky, tricky or deceptive


DO: Keep your promises • Honor your word and commitments • Be dependable • Do what you are supposed to do • Return what you borrow • Pay your debts • Be on time


DO: Stand by and protect your family, friends, school and country • Be a good friend • Look out for those who care about you • Keep secrets of those who trust you

DON’T: Betray a trust • Let your friends hurt themselves • Do anything just so others will like you • Ask a friend to do anything wrong or spread gossip that could hurt others

Trustworthiness uses the color blue, 
To help me remember what to do.
I will tell the truth about all I see, 
So all of my friends will believe in me!

  • Color: Blue – Think “true blue”
  • Shape: Circle – Think “circle of trust”
  • Animal: Shinrai the Camel

Responsibility is:



DO: Know and do your duty • Acknowledge and meet your legal and moral obligations


DO: Accept responsibility for the consequences of your choices, not only for what you do but what you don’t do • Think about consequences on yourself and others before you act • Think long-term • Do what you can do to make things better • Set a good example

DON’T: Look the other way when you can make a difference • Make excuses or blame others

Pursuit of Excellence

DO: Your best • Persevere • Be prepared • Be diligent • Work hard • Make all you do worthy of pride


DO: Take charge of your own life • Set realistic goals • Keep a positive outlook • Be prudent and self-disciplined with your health, emotions, time and money • Be rational — act out of reason not anger, revenge or fear • Know the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do • Be self-reliant — manage your life so you are not dependent on others; pay your own way whenever you can

Responsibility! Responsibility!
I take good care of things.

  • Color: Green
  • Shape: Triangle
  • Animal: Ansvar the Elephant

Caring is:


Concern for Others

DO: Be compassionate and empathetic • Be kind, loving and considerate • Be thankful and express gratitude for what people do for you • Forgive others for their shortcomings

DON’T: Be mean, cruel or insensitive


DO: Be charitable and altruistic — give money, time, support and comfort for the sake of making someone else’s life better, not for praise or gratitude • Help people in need

I am caring, I am caring.
So are you, so are you.
We help all our neighbors.
We help all our friends.
Yes, we do! Yes, we do!

  • Color: Red
  • Shape: Heart
  • Animal: Karina the Kangaroo

Respect is:


The Golden Rule

DO: Treat others the way you want to be treated • Respect the dignity, privacy and freedom of all individuals • Value and honor all people, no matter what they can do for you or to you • Respect others’ property — take good care of property you are allowed to use and don’t take or use property without permission • Respect the autonomy of others — tell them what they should know to make good choices about their own lives

DON’T: Use or manipulate others • Abuse, demean or mistreat anyone

Tolerance and Acceptance

DO: Judge others on their character, abilities and conduct without regard to race, religion, gender, where they live, how they dress or the amount of money they have • Be tolerant, respectful and accepting of those who are different from you • Listen to others and try to understand their points of view


DO: Keep your promises • Honor your word and commitments • Be dependable • Do what you are supposed to do • Return what you borrow • Pay your debts • Be on time


DO: Resolve disagreements, respond to insults, and deal with anger peacefully and without violence

DON’T: Use threats or physical force to get what you want or to express anger


DO: Use good manners • Be courteous, polite and civil to everyone

DON’T: Use put-downs, insults, yelling, or ridicule to embarrass or hurt another

Re-Re-Respect your friends
Every single day.
Just be kind
And they won’t mind
And everyone can play.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Shape: Line – Think “line of respect”
  • Animal: Austus the Lion

Fairness is:



DO: Be fair and just • Treat people equally • Make decisions without favoritism or prejudice • In imposing punishment be sure the consequences for wrongdoing are consistent, certain and proportional (not too harsh or lenient)

DON’T: Take more than your fair share • Take advantage of or blame others unfairly


DO: Be open-minded and impartial — consider what people have to say before you decide • Be careful — get the facts, including opposing viewpoints, before making decisions (especially blaming or accusing another)

Fair is the way I want to be,
All my friends appreciate me.
We all get the same
And no one’s to blame
Fair is the way we want to be!

  • Color: Orange
  • Shape: Square – Think “fair and square”
  • Animal: Guisto the Giraffe

Citizenship is:


Do Your Share

DO: Be a good citizen and a good neighbor • Care about and pursue the common good • Be a volunteer — help your school and community be better, cleaner and safer • Protect the environment by conserving resources, reducing pollution and cleaning up after yourself • Participate in making things better by voicing your opinion, voting, serving on committees, reporting wrongdoing and paying taxes

Respect Authority and the Law

DO: Play by the rules • Obey parents, teachers, coaches and others who have been given authority • Observe just laws • Honor and respect principles of democracy

I recycle. We recycle.
I follow our rules.
We follow our rules.
I’m a good citizen.
We are good citizens.
Yes I am! Yes we are!!

  • Color: Purple
  • Shape: Star
  • Animal: Kupa the Bear