CHARACTER COUNTS! & 7 Yards – Lesson Plans

We’re proud to partner with Chris Norton, author of the inspirational best-selling book The Seven Longest Yards, and star of the documentary 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story. Chris’ incredible journey from paralysis to walking down the aisle at his wedding illustrates important lessons about resilience, responsibility, caring, and other important character skills.

CHARACTER COUNTS! & 7 Yards Lessons

We’ve created new curricular resources to extend students’ learning beyond the film. The research-based strategies provided in each lesson will help students advance their character skills.  

The six lessons connect the Six Pillars of Character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship) to sections of the 7 Yards movie. Additionally, the lessons cover topics like goal achievement, growth mindset, communications strategies, and overcoming adversity. Each of the six student handouts also includes an Optimal Performance Assessment so students can reflect on how well they are demonstrating character skills and what they could do differently in the future.

This resource includes a facilitator guide and a student handout for each of the Six Pillars. 

Samples from the Facilitator Guide

2/31 Facilitator Guide pages

2/31 Facilitator Guide pages

Samples from Student Handouts

2/5 pages of Fairness Student Handout

2/5 pages of Respect Student Handout

Purchasing Options

Digital Lessons & Movie License Options

    • Individual classroom / Small group (up to 30 students): Curricular resource bundle and movie license: $349
    • Individual school / Site license (31-500 students): Curricular resource bundle and movie license: $499
    • Individual school / Site license (over 500 students): Curricular resource bundle and movie license: $749
    • Multi-site / District licenses: Contact us for a quote

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A Message From Chris

Keynote Presentations

“We have hosted speakers for many years and we believe Chris’ presentation to be the best ever!  There were many students who came to him and told him their lives were changed by his testimony! How very grateful we are that our area students received such encouragement and affirmation in the midst of many of their difficulties.”    -Colleen Samson, South Dakota

Chris’ story will move you to act.

His conviction will inspire you to persevere.

And, his message will inspire you to stand.

Chris Norton - Character Counts

Chris is available to deliver his inspirational message to your students and staff. His presentation is recommended for middle and high school students.

    • Available virtual interactive sessions with Chris
      • Up to 30 attendees, with approximate 30-40 minute Q&A session
      • More than 30 attendees/single school site with approximate 30-40 minute Q&A session
      • Multiple schools (up to 5 schools/district) with approximate 30-40 minute Q&A session
    • Live/onsite interactive session with Chris Norton

Click here to learn more about Chris’ presentations or contact us at or 515-271-4840 for more information.

Chris talks about why it was important to him to connect 7 Yards to CHARACTER COUNTS!