Character Counts Week

Middle School Celebration Ideas

CHARACTER COUNTS! Week is an exciting time to celebrate and focus on character development. Here are some suggestions for fun and engaging activities that are easy to implement and easy to participate in for large groups:

  • Select one of the Six Pillars of Character to feature during daily morning
    announcements. Share an example from the school to demonstrate the character trait in action. 
  • Organize a food drive at the individual classroom, school, or district levels.
  • Pair middle school students with lower-grade students to be reading buddies.
  • Pick a day for Random Acts of Kindness Day.
  • Create a nomination program for teachers and students to recognize one another for exhibiting good character.
  • Hold an essay contest about what it means to have good character or the importance of character
    development at your school or organization.
  • Designate one of the Six Pillars of Character for each day of the week and encourage children and staff to dress in the color corresponding to the Pillar of the day.
  • Set aside time for everyone in the institution or organization to beautify its campus and facilities, picking up trash, pledging not to vandalize property, or planting trees and flowers.
  • Organize via social media. Develop a prompt (e.g., anti-bullying message, championing character development, etc.) or hashtag for children to display and celebrate on their personal social media accounts.
  • Select a book featuring the Six Pillars of Character for a book club to discuss the impact of character in the story. 
  • Incorporate a CC! lesson plan into each day of instruction. Check out available lessons on the CC! website where you can filter by Pillar and age.
  • Many of the above ideas can easily be modified to meet the needs of a virtual classroom, but below is a list of ideas to specifically address the needs of the virtual classroom. Other ways to celebrate when you can’t be in person include:

Do a CC! virtual party! Some ideas for party activities could include:

  • The Six Pillar Shuffle.
  • A CC! words search on a virtual whiteboard or play Pictionary with CC! Six Pillars on a virtual whiteboard.
  • Move students into breakout rooms and ask them to create a skit, song, dance, or poem about the Six Pillars. 
  • Play CC! bingo. Fill the game cards with the Six Pillars. Create scenarios and see if students can match up the Pillar or Success Skill to fill up their bingo card.
  • Have a Character Chat virtually. Encourage each child to bring a picture/image of someone who they admire for their character. Have them share their character champion.
  • Ask students to choose one Pillar for each of their classmates that best represents them. Then create a word cloud for each student, so they can see how their classmates see them and their character.
  • Purchase CC! award or incentive items from the CC! store and send them to the homes of students to celebrate character.
  • Order custom yard signs through LRI Graphic & Signs with the CC! logo for students.


Download a PDF version of these ideas.