2016-2017 CHARACTER COUNTS!® School Agendas

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Primary Layout


[image_with_text image=”16709″]

Elementary Layout


[image_with_text image=”16713″]

Column Elementary Layout


[image_with_text image=”16712″]

Middle/Jr. High Layout


[image_with_text image=”16710″]

High/College Layout


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CHARACTER COUNTS! School Agendas, from our partner Alliance Publishing and Marketing, Inc., are a valuable resource to support or implement the CHARACTER COUNTS! program. Teachers and parents can easily reinforce The Six Pillars of Character®, along with using the 48 convenient weekly discussion ideas, which include people of character profiles and motivational exercises, to stimulate character-related conversation with students.

The agendas, which cater to grades K-college, can be customized with options such as cover personalization, school handbooks, vinyl pouches, and hall passes. Teacher editions and full-color people of character posters are also available. Visit www.ccschoolagendas.com or call 1-800-518-5176 for details.