Six Success Skills

Six Success Skills. Character Counts - character education curriculum, lessons, and activities

CHARACTER COUNTS! incorporates the newest research-based, state of the art strategies, for positive climate change, introducing new character education tools and techniques designed to infuse core values and skills embodied in 12 core values and skills: the Six Pillars of Character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship) and 21st Century School and Career Success Skills otherwise known as the Six Success Skills (learning, self-discipline, positivity, perseverance, resilience, and diligence), into the DNA of your school or organization.


CHARACTER COUNTS! instills critical learning skills and the belief in the importance of education and life-long learning as a means to enhance both job and career opportunities and to improve the quality of their lives. With these competencies, students adopt a growth mindset and confidence that, with effort, they can develop both knowledge and skills. Student learning encompasses understanding and wisdom in addition to the acquisition of information. Students are encouraged to be curious and develop an eagerness to learn new things about themselves, others, and the world around them by asking questions, reading, researching, experiencing, and experimenting.


CHARACTER COUNTS! helps students develop perseverance so they pursue their goals with vigor and tenacity despite frustrations, mistakes, setbacks, and other obstacles that make their task difficult or seem impossible. CC! teaches students to resist temptations and pressures to give up or quit, choosing instead to persist.


CHARACTER COUNTS! promotes resilience and teaches students to develop and draw on inner strength and courage, permitting them to bounce back from traumas and tragedies, disappointments, failures, and misfortunes.


CHARACTER COUNTS! seeks to develop in students a positive outlook and to approach life’s opportunities and challenges with optimism and enthusiasm. Students are taught that positive attitudes produce positive results — positive people are more likely to achieve their goals, feel successful, have good relationships, have better health, and live longer than those with negative outlooks!


CHARACTER COUNTS! promotes self-discipline so that students manage their emotions, resist negative impulses and temptations, and muster the will-power to do what they should do even when it is inconvenient, difficult, or unpleasant.


CHARACTER COUNTS! teaches students to appreciate the importance of hard work, persistence, and diligence so that they approach tasks and responsibilities with an earnest commitment to finish what they start and always do their best.