CHARACTER COUNTS! and Project-Based Learning

The buzzwords in education circles come and go, but project-based learning has stuck, and for good reason. The idea that a group of students will get together to create their own learning experience, with guidance from the teacher, is a remarkable approach that really puts the student in the driving seat of their learning. Taking responsibility for one’s own learning is something we feel very strongly about at CHARACTER COUNTS!, not only does it help the student see greater relevance in their educational opportunities as they are encouraged to work in a way that suits their interests, abilities, and style of learning, but it also encourages great decision-making skills, an appreciation of trust between teacher and student, and respect for their work as they take pride in being integrated into the learning process.

Project-based learning, or PBL, dovetails so well with the Six Pillars of Character we’ve decided to use it as a framework to involve students more directly in this year’s CHARACTER COUNTS! Week celebrations. Free resources will be posted online on April 19th, when you can also register to receive four free installments of materials that will help you celebrate CHARACTER COUNTS! Week in your community. To get you started, we’re posting this resource as a guide to integrating CC! and PBL, and to give you some ideas for what such a project might look like for your celebrations.

For more ideas on projects that can be developed using CC! and PBL, visit our lesson plan bank.

For more information on project-based learning, go here.