Upgrade to CHARACTER COUNTS! 5.0


From 4.0 to 5.0. In June 2013, we introduced CHARACTER COUNTS 4.0 a major breakthrough revision broadening and deepening the traditional character development strategy to fully embrace three domains of youth development – academic (including common core), social, emotional and character values, mindsets and traits. CHARACTER COUNTS 4.0 introduced the Model Standards for Academic, Social, Emotional and Character Development

In July 2015 we launched CHARACTER COUNTS! 5.0. The newest version of CHARACTER COUNTS! emphasizes the Four Wheels of Success with a much heavier emphasis on school safety and student climate and an extensive array of new curricula and awareness tools including hundreds of behavior specific new posters and activity projects.

Just as you wouldn’t run your computer on Windows 3 you should consider this major upgrade absolutely essential!

If you have been using any previous version of CHARACTER COUNTS!, please find a way to upgrade to 5.0. The differences in impact are dramatic. Please see testimonials of educators who have experienced the 5.0!

The best way to upgrade is by attending the new three-day seminar. If you can’t do that, then we can conduct a 5.0 upgrade workshop at your school or organization. Learn about all the in-service workshops we offer.

You’ll learn new strategies and techniques related to:

  • Social and emotional learning
  • Connectedness
  • Climate and culture
  • Change theory
  • Growth mindset

You’ll also receive our new “Model Standards for School Climate

We can customize this workshop to focus on your unique challenges, but topics typically include:

  • Infusing core values (the Six Pillars of Character) into counseling
  • Building buy-in for character development with administrators, teachers and parents
  • Improving communication and discipline by emphasizing core values
  • Developing character-building activities for students
  • Creating a culture of kindness to prevent bullying and other disruptive behavior

Duration: 3-8 hours
Materials: Handouts for all participants
Book it! Email us or call 310-846-4800

Get connected to the most up-to-date version of  CHARACTER COUNTS!

Simply choose a date for an in-service at your desired location and we’ll assign to you one of our nearby trainers who will work with you in tailoring your upcoming workshop or professional development session to fit your exact needs.

Call us at 310-846-4800 to get started!

Pricing for our sessions varies on several factors including the number of attendees, duration, trainer availability plus travel expenses to your location. For an exact quote, please call us toll-free at 800-711-2670 for assistance.

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