Rustling the cyberbullies

One problem with cyberbullying is that it most often occurs while students are not at school. Administrators and teachers are unsure how much control they can exert over students’ cell phones and computers. How can you increase the safety of your students?

Don’t Be Intimidated by Data

Anecdotal evidence may drive your character-development initiative, but without data to support it you may lose track of changes happening in your school. Not only does data help drive change in your programming, it can be a powerful tool for successful grant applications. All schools collect data on academics and behavior, but not all use […]

What If Your School Was This Good?

Imagine a school where student-athletes take on a real leadership role. They’re involved in service-learning activities (e.g., raising the greatest amount of money in the state for cancer research) and their sports are played with honor and integrity. The senior athletes are invited to interview new coaches because their self-reflection and questioning of their own […]

How to Give Character-Education CPR

Keeping a character-education program going long after the initial passion and excitement have worn off can be a tough fight, especially when education is primarily focused on standardized testing and mandated programs. Dr. Jacques Benninga of the Bonner Center for Character Education says sustainability is one of the hottest topics in character-education research today (see […]