How Did You Celebrate CC! Week 2012?

Schools, organizations, and communities across the U.S. and around the world come up with plenty of creative ways to celebrate CHARACTER COUNTS! Week 2012 (Oct. 21-27). We want to hear more of your stories. Please post a comment below to let us know what you did for the big Week and how it went. Here’s a sampling from reports across the country: CALIFORNIA: Newspapers […]

Character Is Our Super Power!

Are you ready for a CHARACTER COUNTS! Week celebration fit for a super hero? I know we are! Have you picked a theme yet? Ours is: Character Is Our Super Power, and it has us all revved up! What will weaving character into Red Ribbon Week and making it all about healthy choices look like at Westwood-Bales? I’m glad you asked!

Senate Unanimously Passes CC! Week Resolution

On September 19, the United States Senate unanimously passed a resolution declaring Oct. 21-27, 2012 to be “National Character Counts Week.” Senate Resolution #569 was drafted and submitted by Iowa Senator Charles Grassley and focuses on the importance and need for character education now more than ever. It also encourages schools, families, organizations and civics groups to celebrate National Character Counts Week with […]

Does Texting Hurt Kids’ Grammar?

Just about everyone who texts tends to at least occasionally use shorthand and a variety of abbreviations for words. But, does this shortened language of “text-speak” have a negative effect on students’ grammar skills? According to a recent study, it sure does, reports Education Week. Researchers at Penn St. University surveyed 228 6th, 7th and […]

Texas School District Honors Past Graduates as Pillars of Character

The Northside Independent School District (NISD) in San Antonio, TX will honor six of its past graduates as “Pillars of Character” at its annual gala at the Westin La Cantera Resort on September 5, reports The event and silent auction is expected to raise more than $150,000 for the Needham Education Foundation’s Classroom Innovation Grants-to-Teachers Program. This year’s honorees […]

Saluting the 2012 National Schools of Character (Part 2)

With the new school year upon us, it’s time to check in again with one of the Character Education Partnership’s (CEP) 2012 National Schools of Character (NSOC) award winners. For part two of our three-part series, we’re featuring the North Boulevard Elementary School in the Pequannock Township School District in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. The school’s mission statement is “Educating Every Student, Every […]

Elite Colleges Offering Higher Education for Free

There’s a surprising new trend in higher education. The Huffington Post reports some of the country’s highest-rated universities, including Harvard, Stanford and MIT are now offering several of their most popular courses for free online. Although taking the free online classes doesn’t allow you to accrue actual credit at the schools, it is still a great way to learn directly from some of the world’s most renowned scientists, […]