Commentary: Tolerance and Intolerance: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Tolerance and Intolerance: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

What is tolerance and is it always a good thing? It helps to understand various aspects of this concept. Basic Definition. Tolerance is demonstrated by an ability and willingness to accept and respect different people, ideas, and practices. Tolerance promotes non-judgmental, open-minded, patient, permissive live and let live attitudes toward diverse people, ideas and practices. It […]

COMMENTARY: Working to Teach Character Together

Working to Teach Character Together

When I talk to parents and teachers about the role of schools in teaching character someone usually points out that character development is and should be the primary concern of parents. Who can argue with that? Many of the attitudes and habits that make up character are learned at home. But they’re learned elsewhere as […]

COMMENTARY: All Change Starts With You

COMMENTARY: All Change Starts With You

What a profound insight and daunting responsibility it is to realize that you are the critical instrument of change.  Our personal courage, compassion, and creativity in our own sphere of influence can set into motion a ripple effect of healing actions and attitudes to make a better world. It’s almost impossible to find a responsible adult […]

COMMENTARY: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Our safety and survival in life does not depend on direct divine intervention, but on our ability to see and willingness to seize opportunities to save ourselves. Bart’s home was in a flood area. The water was a foot high when a rescue truck offered to help him evacuate. Bart refused saying, “God will provide.” When […]

Shopping carts and character

– There are two kind of people: those who return their shopping carts and those who don’t. – When we think about character, we tend to envision really big things, like taking heavy risks, committing bold acts of integrity, being grandly generous, or making tough sacrifices. Such noble choices indicate character,

We’re all ethical in our own eyes

-When it comes to our self-perception of our ethics, most of us have delusions of grandeur. – Think of the most ethical person you know. Do a lot of people come to mind or only a few? Are you having trouble thinking of anyone? If I asked that question of the people who know you […]

How Happy Are You?

– On a scale of one to 10 — with 10 being “It’s as good as it gets! I’m even happier than Charlie Sheen thinks he is,” and one being “Life sucks; it can’t get worse” — how happy are you with your life? Researchers say that when asked to grade their lives on a […]