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COMMENTARY 968.2: Doctoring With a Heart

Doctoring With a Heart

When you visit a medical specialist, an emergency room, or a patient in the hospital, are you ever struck by a sense that many doctors are so focused on the scientific aspects of diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury that they ignore, maybe even become annoyed by, things like pain, fear, or anxiety? In […]

COMMENTARY: The Butterfly Parable – Let Your Children Struggle

COMMENTARY: The Butterfly Parable - Let Your Children Struggle

There’s a parable about a new mother who discovered a butterfly struggling mightily to escape its cocoon through a tiny opening at the top. She became concerned when the creature seemed to give up after making no progress. Certain that the butterfly just wouldn’t make it out without help, she enlarged the hole slightly. On […]

COMMENTARY: A Blessing in Every Curse

Blessing in Every Curse

A man and his companion lost their way in a forest. The companion despaired, but the man said maybe some good would come of it. They came upon a stranger who needed the man’s help. The stranger turned out to be a prince who gave the man a beautiful horse.  His neighbors praised his good […]

COMMENTARY: Leading a Significant Life

Leading a Significant Life

Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” In a world increasingly dominated by unapologetic selfishness, this idea may seem quaint and outdated. Yet, for those who have a grand vision of their purpose and value, striving to be of service is not only a […]

COMMENTARY: A Tribute to Lincoln

A Tribute to Lincoln

I wish we still celebrated Lincoln’s birthday. I’m an Abraham Lincoln groupie. By sheer good fortune, my son Justin was born on his birthday, my daughter Abrielle was named after him, and one of our dogs is named Lincoln. My favorite place in Washington D.C. is the Lincoln Memorial where I stand in awe of the […]

COMMENTARY: True Patriotism & Human Rights

True Patriotism & Human Rights

MUST-SEE VIDEO. After the surprise attack by the Japanese on the U.S. Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and the declaration of war against Japan, 120,000 men, women and children, including second and third generation American citizens were put into what President Roosevelt called “concentration camps.” Many years later this was determined to be unconstitutional and […]