How Do We Make Caring Commonplace?

By Barbara Gruener Early last week, a recent report from the Harvard Graduate School of Education caught my eye. “The Children We Mean to Raise: The Real Message Adults Are Sending About Values” reported that most young people in a recent survey said their parents and teachers rank achievement and happiness over caring for others. I immediately thought of my friend Sheila Sjolseth. She’s […]

The Second C

For voters in this last election, effectively separating fact from fiction took a lot of critical thinking and civics knowledge. But how much civics knowledge does the average American voter actually have? If we look at the proficiency of our high school seniors, the answer is “Not enough.”

Citizen Crayon

Sharpening pencils, stockpiling craft supplies, throwing out lidless markers and old crayons… all part of the back-to-school preparation. This year why not start a crayon recycling program instead of contributing to the tons of crayons that end up in landfills each year?