Driving Home Lessons About the Six Pillars

Some look back on it as a joyous rite of passage, a time of liberation and adventure. Others mostly remember the rattled nerves. For better or worse, learning to drive a car is something we never forget. Of course, there’s more to it than knowing how to squeeze into that parallel parking spot without leaving a trail of […]

Stopping the “Summer Slide”

Summer vacation is here, but that doesn’t mean students should forget everything they learned during the school year. While it’s great for kids to enjoy their time off, it’s also important for parents to keep their children’s brains stimulated. EducationNews.org has several suggestions for keeping kids engaged, including taking local field trips to museums, and combining […]

Bullying Incident on School Bus Reaches New Low

Across the country it seems people are finally becoming aware that bullying is a very serious problem in our schools. The latest, chilling incident was caught on video last week and has gone viral on YouTube with over 1.3 million page views. In addition, the story has been covered by every major news network. During the video, several students in North Greece, NY […]

Who are the bullies?

There are many myths about bullies. For one, they don’t appear spontaneously. Individual, family, and school factors all combine to produce them. Another myth is that they are loners. In fact, most bullies are not socially isolated and report having an easier time making friends than non-bullies. Their social network is often their key source […]