Tri Sigma Essay Contest Focuses on Kindness

Kindness can change the world. That’s the theme of this year’s Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority essay contest, which is held to coincide with Worldwide CHARACTER COUNTS! Week, October 19-25, 2014. The contest is open to any woman who is affiliated with a national sorority and enrolled full-time at a college or university. If that’s you, […]

Kindness Matters

Guest post by Jill McManigal I’ve always known that kindness matters. I’ve seen how a simple smile, a thoughtful note or a holding of the door can shift someone’s day. What I didn’t realize was how a collective kindness effort could transform an entire school. I am a former elementary school teacher, a mother of […]

Girls First — Boys Being Left Behind?

In a recent post on the University of San Diego’s blog, Edward DeRoche points out the widening academic gap between boys and girls: “Girls are reading better than boys … and the pattern is giving girls a life-long advantage. Boys are lagging behind girls on standardized reading tests in all 50 states. In Virginia and New Hampshire, middle school girls […]

How Do We Make Caring Commonplace?

By Barbara Gruener Early last week, a recent report from the Harvard Graduate School of Education caught my eye. “The Children We Mean to Raise: The Real Message Adults Are Sending About Values” reported that most young people in a recent survey said their parents and teachers rank achievement and happiness over caring for others. I immediately thought of my friend Sheila Sjolseth. She’s […]

What Do You Think of KIPP-Style Character Development?

As a recent article in the New Republic points out, teaching kids “performance character” qualities like grit, optimism and social intelligence is all the rage. The increasingly popular Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) is a leading proponent of this “new character education.” Teachers at KIPP charter schools even issue a regular Character Growth Card to assess students in […]