PBS Wants to Know What You Believe

PBS broadcasts essay submissions from listeners and a searchable database is available on the website along with resources for educators, students, and other youth interested in submitting essays to the site. This I Believe promotes public dialog across all ages, races, and cultures. Thousands of entries have been submitted to the website, which began as […]

Take a Stand!

As schools face funding crunches and federal funds are increasingly tied to standards, more people are looking elsewhere to fund events and activities. Sunkist is offering kids aged 7-12 the opportunity to raise money for their school through traditional lemonade stands. They will send free kits to applicants, but they’re limited to the first 20,000 […]

Teachable Moments Aren’t Always Pretty

The recent Internet videotape of six girls beating up a 16-year-old resulted in a national outcry and call for a ban on online shock videos that “desensitize” kids to violence. But Michael Josephson, founder of Josephson Institute and CHARACTER COUNTS!, disagrees. “The fact that we’re able to see it is a good thing,” he told […]

The Story of Stuff

Throughout this month’s special edition, all Web links to sites will help your class or organization live a more sustainable life. Our final free resource is a 20-minute animated story about, well, stuff. All the “stuff” we consume creates enormous waste. As long as we have trees to cut down, coal to mine, and oil […]

Schools Tackle Bullying

MARYLAND – Impelled by a National Crime Prevention Council survey that reported an increase in bullying, Washington County Public Schools have initiated a variety of anti-bullying programs, including CHARACTER COUNTS! Read more »