Data Dilemma

Many school systems make character education as much of a goal as academics. But funding for such programming depends on data. CC! advocates the measurement of students’ character and publishes the biennial Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth.

Olympic Team Made U.S. Proud

The Summer Olympics in Beijing saw awesome displays of athleticism, and the U.S. team exhibited stellar sportsmanship, due in part (we hope) to the program developed by Josephson Institute. The USOC Olympic Ambassador Program gathered Olympic hopefuls at trainings designed to bridge the gap between the ethical ideals of the Games and the reality of […]

PBS Wants to Know What You Believe

PBS broadcasts essay submissions from listeners and a searchable database is available on the website along with resources for educators, students, and other youth interested in submitting essays to the site. This I Believe promotes public dialog across all ages, races, and cultures. Thousands of entries have been submitted to the website, which began as […]

Take a Stand!

As schools face funding crunches and federal funds are increasingly tied to standards, more people are looking elsewhere to fund events and activities. Sunkist is offering kids aged 7-12 the opportunity to raise money for their school through traditional lemonade stands. They will send free kits to applicants, but they’re limited to the first 20,000 […]

Teachable Moments Aren’t Always Pretty

The recent Internet videotape of six girls beating up a 16-year-old resulted in a national outcry and call for a ban on online shock videos that “desensitize” kids to violence. But Michael Josephson, founder of Josephson Institute and CHARACTER COUNTS!, disagrees. “The fact that we’re able to see it is a good thing,” he told […]

The Story of Stuff

Throughout this month’s special edition, all Web links to sites will help your class or organization live a more sustainable life. Our final free resource is a 20-minute animated story about, well, stuff. All the “stuff” we consume creates enormous waste. As long as we have trees to cut down, coal to mine, and oil […]