The Story of Stuff

Throughout this month’s special edition, all Web links to sites will help your class or organization live a more sustainable life. Our final free resource is a 20-minute animated story about, well, stuff. All the “stuff” we consume creates enormous waste. As long as we have trees to cut down, coal to mine, and oil […]

The Environment Affects Your Mental Health

Technology has made travel fashionable and profitable. And moving away from home is not only a rite of passage, it’s a status symbol. Clearly, we’ve become a transient society that bends its surroundings to fit its needs. We control our environment; it doesn’t control us. Or does it? “We like to think we’re cool, 21st-century […]

Get Serious About Sustainability

The Industrial Revolution marked the birth of a new era in human history, an economic and social transformation driven by technology, manufacturing, and transportation. It sparked an age of innovation and invention and challenged the limits of human imagination. But at the same time, our young industrial society made reckless, self-serving choices without regard to […]

The Food Crisis, Genetically Modified Crops,

The cost of rice has soared 75 percent in just the past two months, triggering food riots from Haiti to Mexico to Bangladesh to the Philippines. According to the World Bank, the increase could push 100 million people deeper into poverty by as early as next year. Most Americans have never experienced severe hunger, but […]

Schools Tackle Bullying

MARYLAND – Impelled by a National Crime Prevention Council survey that reported an increase in bullying, Washington County Public Schools have initiated a variety of anti-bullying programs, including CHARACTER COUNTS! Read more »

The Legend of St. Patrick

Surprise! St. Patrick was not Irish. The patron saint of the emerald isle was born in Scotland, the son of a wealthy Roman magistrate who oversaw the British colonies under the rule of the Roman Empire. When he was 14 years old, Patrick was abducted from his home by a band of Celtic raiders and […]

Engaging English Language Learners

“At that school, 80 percent of students fail basic literacy tests,” my friend exclaimed recently. “That means 80 percent can’t read or write properly. We can’t send our kid to that school, but our only other option is private, and we can’t afford that!” She and her husband are thinking about adopting a child and […]