Another Teacher Testing Scandal Surfaces

In the wake of the Atlanta testing scandal, in which 35 educators were indicted last month, come more allegations of teachers improperly helping students on standardized tests.

This time it’s Long Island. The New York Times reports that over a dozen educators in Glen Cove, New York, are under investigation for “coaching pupils on correct answers” during standardized testing last year.

With the prevalence of standardized testing across the country, it’s discouraging news to hear. It also raises questions about whether too much importance is placed on these tests if even educators are tempted to help students cheat on them.

Our 2012 Report Card on Ethics of American Youth showed a decrease in lying, cheating and stealing among high school students (the first drop in 10 years of biennial surveys). But the cheating is still alarmingly widespread. Fifty-one percent of students surveyed admitted to cheating on a test within the last year, while 32 percent admitted to plagiarizing from the Internet. progress has been made when it comes to youth ethics, there’s still a long way to go.

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4 thoughts on “Another Teacher Testing Scandal Surfaces”

  1. Sad to hear. It may be that some people will be tempted out of fear for their jobs and pay. If salaries are based on student performance, there is a chance that people will do what they can to put the odds in their favor. It is not the right thing to do, but it explains why. Too much importance is put on these tests and testing in itself is very stressful for all parties involved. There are ways that local districts assess students throughout the year and last time I checked good teachers are measured by more than just students scores. It is truly ashame and many students/teachers will be left behind.

  2. Do you want to know how bad this teach to the test has gotten. I heard one school spent 96,000 of there budget on test perp material.
    They could have built a science lab for that kind of money

  3. There is no honor amongst thieves. This is what our world and society has come to be! What a waste and a damn shame

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